About The Company

We love our job and do it professionally.

Today our company is among the leading ones in the market of freight forwarding services. Being a great value of our company and having years of experience, Expotrans employees will be glad to suggest you a comprehensive approach for your freight delivery and will perform it just in time taking all your requirements in consideration. 

We are trusted

Expotrans business activity has always been aimed at satisfying needs of each particular client regardless the type and volume of the freight. Our goal was always a long-term partnership that will enable us to expand and strengthen cooperation in the conditions of mutual interest and economic efficiency. During the years of our efficient work we have deserved confidence of our customers and partners that enables us to continue providing excellent services and friendly environment when resolving working issues. 

You will appreciate our efforts

Our customers are fundamental to our success! We are passionate about our company’s reputation, which results in excellent service for our clients. Long-term cooperation with the largest international transport and freight-forwarding companies all over the world enables us to provide you with best solutions of any tasks at competitive prices!

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