EXPOTRANS S.R.L. provides the highest quality standards

Being an international freight-forwarding company in the sphere of exhibition business, EXPOTRANS S.R.L. founded Expotrans LLC in 2009.

Providing best quality services and always moving forward, this company with a long history has many times surpassed expectations of its customers. For twenty years of operation EXPOTRANS S.R.L has gained recognition of thousands of customers and is now part of IELA, a network of the most reliable freight-forwarding companies in 46 countries of the world that solve any problems connected with delivery and customs clearance of exhibition freights.

A head office of EXPOTRANS S.R.L is located in Italy in the city of Rome and is an official freight forwarder providing services for the largest exhibition platforms of FIERA MILANO, MICO and RIMINI FIERA.

Possessing office premises and its own warehouses of 3000 sq.m, EXPOTRANS S.R.L will become a reliable partner for any exhibitor who wants to deliver the freight to an exhibition anywhere in the world. Best specialists forming the company’s team in a friendly environment will help you to find the best solutions for transportation and customs clearance of exhibition freight. Employees of the Russian company Expotrans LLC will be glad to carry out customs clearance and delivery on the territory of the Russian Federation. Informational support and all the necessary assistance suggested by the Russian company to its customers will guarantee smooth and problem-free delivery of the freight right to exhibition booths as well as exhibitor’s comfort during such events in Russia. 


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