Our company provides exhibition freight transportation, customs clearance and delivery services. We are a reliable partner who performs accepted obligations in due time and completely. 

We offer the following services:

Freight delivery worldwide

Vast experience and opportunities enable us to organize international freight transportation at competitive prices and constantly provide best transport solutions. Cooperation with the largest world transport companies helps us to achieve steady operation and suggest you best solutions of any tasks. 

Customs clearance

  • Documents preparation and processing necessary for customs clearance.
  • Identification of BTN codes
  • Customs regime declaration. Temporary importation. ATA Carnet. Temporary exportation. Release for free circulation.
  • Brokerage service and customs clearance. 

Calculation, control and due payment of customs duties. 

Freight delivery to the largest world exhibition and concert halls, presentations:

  • Warehousing services for any freights.
  • Delivery right to the booth.
  • Handling operations.
  • Packing materials storage during an event.
  • Assembling services at the booth. Rigging operations of any level of complexity.

Your personal manager will be responsible for any problems connected with delivery of your exhibition freights! We are looking forward to seeing you.

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